We are driven by the goal to provide cost effective precast concrete products and solutions that not only exceed the expectations of our clients, the products that we offer are comprehensive and tailored to suit your individual requirements. We are offering following services:

Project  assessment service

Our consulting team can guide at each phase of a project, from idea to completion, by working with the customers and providing hands-on support right from the initial planning and design stages, we can assist to identify the best suitable “Velan concast” precast products. The result is that our customers benefit from cost-savings and reduced construction time by avoiding commercial and technical issues before they arise.

Structural plan service

We work with our customers to give our broad industry experience which will help the progress of project designs so that possible complications are avoided before they have chance to disturb the project. Our input at this phase will support our customers to accomplish more effective plans that produce cost savings, minimise construction schedules.

Trunkey made product service

Our products are available to meet the requirements of your most demanding concrete projects. We build products that are far superior to typical poured-in-place concrete. In addition to our standard products we are offering customised precast products. Precast concrete is made to last over time with better quality control, not to mention it’s fully customizable. You will simply give us your custom dimensions, and we will build your precast concrete item in our controlled environment. This will save you time, which is money, and ensure that you receive the best possible product at the best price.

Delivery service

Our broad knowledge in carrying precast concrete products helps us to provide a reliable and very effective delivery service. After our products are prepared for delivery they are placed in the stockyard so that they reach on-site in the order that will be required for erection. As per the plan the load is then placed on a vehicle, locked and sent to site. This process reduces double-handling of the products and so saves time.

Erection service

Precast products are lifted using appropriate loader or crane and permitted lifting gear located in lifting holes of loops cast in products. The lifting will be done after accurate study of the lifting capability of machine, lifters, chains or slings against weights of the product before handling and make sure lifters and chains are fully secured. Placement of supporting bars in holes will be done as drawing before panels is pull down into place; this will be followed by ensuring correct arrangement of supporting bars. The lifting and erection is carried out after full preparation and following all safety standards.